You should begin your search for an HVAC contractor with asking friends and associates for recommendations. One of the most important forms of advertising for small businesses is word of mouth. Ask friends if they have used a contractor in the past, who they have used , and if they had a good experience with the company. Contractors are more likely to work harder if they know you have a connection with an existing network they are associated with and that if you do not have a good experience, the news may travel back to the people who gave you the recommendation.

As soon as you have began interviewing contractors, you should make sure to ask several questions to ensure they will provide the support you will need in the future.


How long has the contractor been in business for? You would probably want to chose a contractor who has established a successful track record. An established record provides two benefits. One is the likelihood that the contractor has made their clients more happy than not. Another is that the contractor shouldn’t have any problem providing references who can substantiate a good record.


Always request and check multiple references. A survey 2,000 homeowners, it was found that only 25% of homeowners checked their contractors’ references. These people who did check references were much happier with the ending results. When calling references, be sure to confirm that the hired the contractor in question and whether or not they were satisfied with the contractor’s work. Also, make sure to ask if the contractor finished the project on time and on budget, and if they would willingly recommend this contractor to others. Be aware of references who give lukewarm recommendations, or are unwilling to discuss a contractor. People are reluctant to give bad reference about someone they may work with again in the future.


A reputable contractor will provide a load calculation which take into account many factors that will affect how much heat your home needs. They will need to  come to your home to collect this data to help determine the correct size of the new furnace. Be wary of contractors who don’t perform these calculations, or simply plan to replace the old furnace with the same capacity.


Always be sure a contractor is properly licensed. In the US, HVAC licensing is determined at the state rather than at local or national level. Not all states require HVAC contractors to be licensed and may have a License board, a Contractors Board, or possibly another department will have jurisdiction. It is important to track down the department responsible to find out whether or not your contractor needs to be licensed, or whether they have the appropriate license. You should also check to see if your contractor is properly insured.


Call the town clerk in your city or town and ask if you will need a permit for the work you need done.

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