Boiler Repairs and Maintenance

What is a Boiler? A boiler is an appliance used to heat water that serves baseboard heaters to heat a home and it will also provide domestic hot water.  Usually this is called a side arm.

The water is heated and it is circulated through a loop.  Boilers are fueled by natural gas and propane. Boilers also are used for in -floor heating systems.

Boilers need regular maintenance.  Older boilers should be cleaned every other year.  The burners should be pulled and the combustion chamber should be cleaned.  Other components will be checked, such as: zone valves, auto air vent and the pump. Some pumps need to be oiled.  Not all pumps are created equal.  Make sure when the pump does break down it gets replaced with the same brand (preferred) and the same horsepower/rpm.

Many boilers are not set up properly for purging air from the system.  They call this air locked.  That will make components wear faster.  The system will become noisy.

Homeowners should really have the boiler inspected by a trained professional,which we have here at Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating and Air in Loveland, Ft Collins, Greeley, Windsor and Berthoud.

If your boiler quits working. Check to make sure it has power going to it and check the batteries on your thermostat. Check all thermostats in the home.  Sometimes it could be isolated to just one thermostat or one zone valve.

Ace Hi Plumbing,Heating and Air is here to serve the homeowners of Northern Colorado 24/7.

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