December,January and February Peak Months for Fires


The leading factors that contribute to home fires  in the winter are : heating,holiday decorating,candles,electrical issues and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Heating is the second leading cause of US home fires,deaths and injuries.

Home heating equipment was involved in 16 percent of home fires,19 percent of home fire deaths,12 percent of home fire injuries and 15 percent of direct property damage.  Failure to clean chimneys and furnace equipment was the leading cause of fires.  However,space heaters,including portable heaters and those that are permanently installed,were involved in five out of six home heating fire deaths.

Heating equipment is often too close to things that can burn,such as furniture,clothing,mattresses or bedding and has been found to be the leading cause of fire deaths.

Carbon Monoxide-is an odorless and colorless gas.

In the home,heating and cooking equipment that burn fuel such as natural gas or propane are potential sources for carbon monoxide.

In 2010 US fire departments responded to an estimated 80,000 non-fire incidents in which carbon monoxide was found.  An average of nine calls per hour.

The number of incidents increased 96 percent in 2003.

Have your furnace and water heater inspected annually, if you smell gas go outside and use your phone to call your local plumber of hvac specialist.

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