Winterizing outdoor plumbing

Plan ahead to winterize your outdoor plumbing. This includes outdoor faucets and pipes.  Pipes usually do not burst when they freeze.  They usually burst downstream where the water pressure is stronger.   A burst pipe in the exterior wall of a home can cause thousands of dollars of water damage to the walls,floors, ceilings and furniture.

We recommend you inspect all outside wall faucets and make sure to disconnect the hose.  Drain the garden hose.  Use spray foam insulation to seal around any gaps to prevent cold air from coming into the wall and possibly freezing the pipes.   Purchase pipe insulation for outdoor sprinkler system pipes.

You must shut down the water to the outside sprinkler system and open up any drain valves and drain all the water out of the pipes.  Once you remove the water from the lines open the drain valve and open the test cocks on the backflow device.  If your system requires a blow out method for winterization ,then contact a sprinkler company to perfom this service.


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