Wolverine Faucets and Product Reliability – Hard Water Effects on Fixtures -Tired of Replacing Faucets?

Wolverine Brass was founded in 1896 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are devoted to quality products and ensuring that not only the customer is happy with their products. Wolverine not only cares about the customer but also the plumbers installing their products, they want them to be confident and stand behind what they sell.

Not only are Wolverine faucets and cartridges reliable but their drain assemblies are also high quality. They have a 17 gauge pop-up assembly, with a brass pop-up plunger and cast brass tee. This are normally in chrome with other manufactures. The chrome corrodes much quicker and is also more susceptible to leaking, breaking or chipping off.

100 Year Warranty

The ceramic disc cartridge technology was invented by their plant engineers in 1971. Their cartridge carries a 100 year, drip free warranty. They are all manufactured in Conway, South Carolina plant and every faucet is hand inspected and water tested to insure no leaks. All faucets are triple chrome-plated and use only K-copper water lines and silver soldered joints. There is also a 100 year guarantee on the finish as well! The faucets arrive wrapped and complete, no need to order handles, handle inserts or additional parts.

This is one of the best warranties in the industry and that covers everything from the finish to the cartridge! Making this one of the favorite faucets for not only our customers but also for our plumbers!


Often times when looking at a lavatory faucet there may be multiple different cartridges that you will need to have in stock to fix a faucet. With wolverine one cartridge fits all with single handle faucets. And one cartridge fits all with two handle faucets. This allows standardization and eliminates large and expensive inventories of parts; no cups, springs, screws, etc. This makes for an easy and inexpensive repair for the customer and plumber alike! Overall the integrity of the fixtures and cartridges are much better then most competitive brands!

Hard Water Effects On Fixtures & Pipes

Hard water is water which has a high mineral content. Two of the minerals that are particularly problematic are calcium and magnesium. These minerals find their way out of the water and bind themselves together. This becomes a scale or mineral deposit. Scale sticks to the interior of pipes, household appliances and other surfaces throughout the home. Once this scale becomes attached to something its very difficult to remove it. This is what leads to clogs and other problems within the pipes and appliances. The hardness of the water contaminated with mineral deposits is rated on a scale of 1 to 10.

While these mineral deposits cause problems in the plumbing and other places in the home, they are not a health hazard. The problem is when the calcium and magnesium makes their way out of the water they can cause havoc for all sorts of appliances from which water passes through. They also stick to basins, faucets, shower heads, tubs and tiles in the bathroom and even to your pots and pans. Once the scale deposits itself on a surface, getting it off can be a challenge.

Imagine what the scale could be doing to the cartridge and innards of your faucet! With Wolverine Brass Faucets the 100 year warranty speaks for itself! The cartridges are made to be much more durable for any water quality, and if your water quality does cause any problems, Wolverine will stand behind their product and replace what is necessary to make your faucet not only look its best but work its best! These are just some of the reasons why we recommend Wolverine Brass faucets and shower valves to all of our customers!

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