Why hire a licensed plumber or hvac tech over a handyman?

It has come to my knowledge over time of answering the phones that SOME people are shopping for the lowest bidder and some people will pay what is necessary to get the job done right.

We go to many homes where homeowners have hired handymen or unlicensed contractors to do work .  They call and have a problem with a tankless water heater or boiler .  They start off by saying they thought they were going to save money.  The truth of the matter is most “handymen” want to do it their way .   They do not want to follow manufacture instructions or they want to do the job as fast as possible ,get paid and disappear.  The manufacture of the product and the homeowner and the ones who lose in the end.  The manufacture gets a bad review on line about their product and the homeowner ends up paying a licensed contractor to correct the mistakes.  In the end the homeowner pays twice for the installation that should have been done right in the first place, if they would open the installation guide.

So, if you are a homeowner , please take my advice and use a licensed plumber(plumbing company )  or a licensed hvac tech to do your home maintenance work .  In the end it will cost you less.  Their hourly rate might be less but the mistakes they make will cost you double in the end .

We are knowledgeable about code requirements for the city you reside in.  We want your home and family to be safe this time of year.  Carbon monoxide is a silent killer…no amateur should be trusted with your families well being.


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