The Honeywell HM750A1000 Steam Humidifier


If you are looking for a whole house humidifier that works very well, is easy to install, and doesn’t break the bank then look no further. The Honeywell HM750A1000 is a wall mountable or duct mountable steam humidifier, meaning either you can mount it separate from the ducts and into a wall, or you can stick it right onto the duct work for your furnace. It also comes pre-mineralized with a salt tablet inside the cylinder that helps with the humidification process.

The tricky part with this steam humidifier (as with anything that is electrical) is the wiring itself. It can run off of 110, 120, or 240v connections, even though in the owners manual it only says 120 and 240 volt. Granted, if you are the homeowner you shouldn’t be wiring it unless you have a background in electrical work, as it can be dangerous to yourself and other devices in your home if you wire it incorrectly.

The Honeywell HM750A1000 is an industry leader in the steam humidification market and it is a very good choice for most homeowners looking to purchase one of these units.

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