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Furnace life expectancy

Furnaces last an average of 15 years with proper maintenance,but boilers can last even up to 30 years with annual inspections and flushing .

One of the greatest investments we make is our home.  We want our surroundings to provide us with a welcoming environment that simultaneously appeals to our sense of style and keeps us comfortable no matter the season.

So we invest in climate control systems to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer .  It is up to us to ensure our systems are kept in good working order .

Most of us are aware of the importance of annual maintenance for furnaces/boilers and air conditioning. A checkup to ensure it is ready for the upcoming season.  It is a good idea to schedule these annual inspections in advance to ensure continued comfort as the seasons change .

Furnaces last an average of 15 years with proper maintenance and above all they will start costing you money once they pass 15 years .  Sometimes replacing the furnace will be less expensive in the long run.

Boilers  can last up to 30 years if they are maintained properly and installed according to manufacture specifications.

It is important to read the installation guide to any appliance.  The bulk of our work is service and maintenance.  We replace when needed .  We often find and correct mistakes technicians have made during installation.  We can not stress how important it is to read and follow the manufacturer’s installation guide to ensure a longer life for the appliance and also comply with warranty requirements.

Annual maintenance and upkeep on energy efficient appliances is a small price to pay to save replacement costs!

Protect your investment with routine inspections.

Plumbing ,Heating and cooling specialist

Keeping your furnace running at it’s peak performance is very important to most homeowners.

  1. Make sure you schedule yearly inspections for your furnace  and air conditioning with a licensed professional.  They have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done right.  They are prompt ,courteous and professional .
  2. Change your furnace filter often .  Change it every 30 days if you have pets.  In Colorado it is so dusty we recommend changing the filter at least every 60 days.  This will help extend the life of the furnace and air conditioning system .
  3. Keep combustible material away from furnace area .  Recommended clearance is 30″ in front of any appliance.  Paint cans or any chemicals will easily catch fire if they are too close to the furnace . Safety is important.
  4. Keep carbon monoxide batteries are fresh and the detector needs to be  within 15 feet of a sleeping area.
  5. Change batteries in your thermostat yearly.  I try to do it when the time change happens.
  6. Save for a new system .  If your system is over 13 years old.  New technology and more efficient units come out every year.  We recommend replacing your furnace when it is over 13 years old .  Otherwise it could start costing you money or leave you without heat on a cold night or weekend when rates are expensive.
  7. We sell Amana and Goodman furnace and air conditioning units.  furnblogpic

Tankless Water Heaters And Cold Shots of Water


The Navien Advantage

Only Navien tankless heaters offer “Comfort Flow” Technology to eliminate cold water shock associated with other tankless systems. Navien’s unique buffer tank in conjunction with the recirculation pump assures faster delivery of continuous heated water and no shots of cold water.

Navien was also first to offer dual stainless steel heat exchangers, rather than copper. This extends the life of the unit by resisting corrosion. Also backed by the industry’s strongest residential warranty, 15 years on the heat exchanger, 5 years on parts, 1 year on labor. The units are also LP/NG convertible.


Unlike systems that waste energy to heat large tanks of water. Navien tankless units utilize 99 cents on every dollar to heat your water. Unlike the conventional tank system, it only fires up when hot water is needed allowing great utility savings and a lower impact on the environment. Navien tankless heaters even reduce CO2 output by 1,216.8 lbs.* per year compared to the traditional tank type heaters. This would equal to saving 62 gallons of gasoline in your car.

The NPE-240A  is the best residential tankless unit, it has a 199,000 BTU rating. Meaning your unit will heat up more efficiently and have better water distribution. For instance while in the shower you will have the same continuous hot water and pressure even if someone decides to use the washer at that point in time. Units with a lower rating of BTU’s will have issues with GPM (gallons per minute) and keeping continuous hot water flow to all fixtures. Therefore making the NPE-240A the only unit we like to install.

Addition Features

The NPE-A series offer a couple different addons which give your unit an upper hand on efficiency and personal comfort.

First being the Navien Hot Button, The Hot Button activates the recirculation pump and gas-fired burner to heat up the water in the supply lines. Compared to the pump running 24/7 or on a timer. This gives you hot water when you need, rather than waiting for it to make its way to your shower, tub, etc. This add-on accessory saves you water and money.

Next, The H2Air kit utilizes the NPE-A pump to circulate the hot water for the use in a hydronic air handler. This removes the need to purchase an additional circulating pump for the heating system. Designed for both retrofit and new construction residential applications. The H2Air Kit consists of an add-on controller that allows for space heating and DHW system integration between NPE-A series tankless water heater models and a hyrdronic air handler. Also compatible with single or dual-stage thermostats.

Last but surely not least, The Navi Link wifi remote control system. This will enable customers to use their smart phones or tablets to control the temperatures remotely, access usage data and receive diagnostic notifications on all Navien products (NPE-A, NPE-S, NCB-E, NHB). Existing installations/stock may require the purchase of a new main PCB (control board) and front control panel.