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If your air conditioning was installed before  2010 you probably have a refrigerant called R22.  This refrigerant was instituted in the 1950s and became the refrigerant used in the HVAC industry.  By 1980 the world started to understand that they were contributing to the depletion of the ozone from the R22 refrigerant.  In the beginning of 2010 manufacturing and import of R22 would be prohibited.  Current equipment would be considered case by case.  R22 was still available for sale until 2015.  By 2020 R22 will no longer be available for sale,at least in the us.  There are options available for R22.  There is recycled R22 .

Prices for R22 freon will start rising the closer we get to 2020.  The “virgin” R22 will become very valuable and prices to repair these older units will cost almost as much as replacement.

The main concern for HVAC companies is the parts availability for repairing the old freon systems and the freon leaking into the ozone.   If you replace your condenser with another R22 condenser there is always a concern about the air conditioning coil leaking (inside furnace ).  Concerns about internal leaks in this coil.  No parts available for repair.  So now you are out the money for the condenser because you will need to upgrade the condenser and the coil to convert to the new refrigerant 410A.

The simplest option is to upgrade to  a new air conditioning system especially if the system is over 10 years old.  Upgrade to the new 410A freon system and you will have peace of mind knowing you did the right thing.

Do your due diligence and research products and companies before you buy.  Ace Hi Plumbing,Heating and Air has been here since 1996.  We offer fair pricing and top quality service.


Fort Collins Air Conditioning

People think Colorado is only snow covered mountain tops and harsh cold weather with floods.  It does get hot here in Colorado and making sure you have the right air conditioning system for your home or business is important as your heating system.  As Xcel Energy says, “a good contractor will do a load calculation before installing a new system.”  This sizing of the system is important for air flow and making your house comfortable throughout the summer.  Ace Hi Plumbing,Heating and Air is here to help with questions about heating and air conditioning. We service Fort Collins and the surrounding areas of Northern Colorado .



Regular maintenance on your air conditioning system is extremely important. Having regular maintenance can help your system to maintain up to 95% of their efficiency, but for every year that your system does not receive maintenance, it can lose 5% efficiency. The evaporator coil and condensing coil are two elements that can have particularly negative effects on your system and your comfort if they become dirty or blocked.

The evaporator coil cools and dehumidifies the air as it flows across it while circulating into your home while the condensing coil cools down hot gas refrigerant, condensing it back into a liquid. These coils are key system components that cool the air in order to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly.

The most common culprit for clogging coils is dust. Your system can naturally become dirty when particles and debris accumulate, especially when sticking to surfaces that are kept damp by condensate. Particles such as soot, pollen and mold can also collect. Installing an air filter helps, but there is no way of preventing the coils from becoming dirty over time. The closely spaced cooling fins also create small spaces where dirt can build up.

Dirty or blocked coils can lead to the following:

  • Decreased performance and lifespan of equipment
  • Increased utility bills
  • Reduced comfort levels inside the home
  • Imbalanced refrigerant levels
  • Blocked airflow through the system

Severely blocked coils can lead to the following:

  • Decreased cooling capacity
  • An overheated compressor which can degrade lubricants and decrease the lifespan of the compressor motor
  • Damaged compressor
  • Ice on the evaporator coil
  • In some cases, a gray layer of dust, dirt or ice can become so think on the AC coils that the airflow through the system is almost entirely blocked

If you have questions or would like to have the coils cleaned on your system, call Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air at 970-667-0300. Cleaning of the evaporator and condensing coils can run anywhere between $300 to $600 depending on the size of your system.


The following signs can indicate a freeze-up or other problems with your air conditioning system:

  • Sudden decrease in performance
  • Reduced airflow from the system’s vents
  • Unusually large amount of condensate drainage
  • Continuously draining system
  • Uncomfortably warm indoor temperature

If you notice any of these problems, we recommend that you turn your AC off immediately and call a professional HVAC company to investigate. Sometimes these symptoms can be subtle, but because the consequences can become severe, it is important to stay alert to the signals your system may be sending. Running a frozen air conditioner without correcting the problem can potentially lead to irreversible damage to the system’s compressor.

Here are some signs that you can check for to help confirm that the indoor evaporator coil is frozen:

  • Ice buildup on the outdoor refrigerant line
  • Ice buildup on the evaporator coil inside the air handler
  • Condensation forming on the surface of the indoor air handler
  • Condensation forming on the surface of the condensate drain
  • Unusually large amount of condensate drainage

Causes of a frozen evaporator coil:

Reduced Air Flow

  • Dirty air filter
  • Return air ducts too small
  • Blocked air ducts
  • Closed or blocked registers
  • Malfunctioning fan

Other Potential Problems

  • Dirty or blocked evaporator coil
  • Blocked drain pipe
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Low outdoor air temperature
  • Too-low nighttime thermostat setting

If you, yourself, have verified that the evaporator coil is frozen, you should leave your air conditioning system off until the coil thaws which generally takes several hours. Without using the air conditioning, turning on the fan can help to speed up the process.

After your system has thawed completely, your wisest move would be to call and HVAC specialist in inspect your system because some causes of a frozen coil can be more serious or technical than others. Also, a refrigerant leak is a serious issue that must be handled by a professional HVAC technician who is certified in the safe handling of AC refrigerant. Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air has NATE-Trained technicians with experience who can diagnose and correct problems your AC system may be having.

ac schematic of system

Air Conditioning Service – Northern Colorado!

The heat is on! Time to service the air conditioner in your home. Look to us to help you find the right system that works for you. Get maximum performance from the system you have or invest in new technology.

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Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air has a service call charge of $89.00 after 7:00PM Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Regular labor rates on Saturdays from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. After 5:00PM on Saturday through Sunday, Ace Hi Plumbing overtime charges will be applied.

Have you had your air conditioner checked for the summer? We have NATE-Trained technicians and we offer top quality service at an affordable price. Our AC Inspections are $89.00. This is a 20-Point Inspection that includes a minor cleaning of your unit.

If you are interested in having your air conditioner inspected, repaired or would like to have a new system installed, we offer services in the Northern Colorado area including Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, Longmont, Johnstown, Greeley & Estes Park. Call Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air today at 970-667-0300.

Energy Efficiency

As the temperature goes up you should make sure your air conditioner can keep up with the heat to keep your home cool.

We have experienced technicians who are background checked.  Did you know most companies don’t background check their employees? So that means you don’t really know who you are letting into your home.  We want to make sure we hire honest people who know their trade.  Anything else is just not good business!

Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air is available 24 hours a day for any of your plumbing ,heating and air needs!

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Cleaning the Blower Assembly of a Furnace

Spring cleaning should include your central heat and air system. The air conditioning system, which includes the furnace and blower assembly, evaporator coil, ductwork and outdoor unit (either AC or heat pump) cannot run effectively and efficiently if it is dirty. A dirty evaporator coil can become the cause for unhealthy air. Air must pass through this at a specific rate, called CFM (cubic feet per minute). This is important when it comes to comfort and efficiency. The blower assembly moves air through the furnace and evaporator coil and then through your ductwork and into your conditioned space.

Regular maintenance and cleaning is very important and can help to lower the cost of your utility bills and keep your unit running efficiently. Dirt effects the 3 main components of your furnace so cleaning it is the most important part of regular maintenance. The three parts of the furnace that should be cleaned includes the filter system, the blower and the motor.

Your furnace fan, typically called the blower motor assembly or the squirrel cage fan can become extremely dirty over time. If there is dust, dirt, pet hair or construction material in your ductwork, guaranteed it has accumulated in the furnace fan as well. It is critical to clean the blower assembly, belts and pulleys to the blower and motor housing especially if the furnace has a squirrel-cage fan, because openings in this type of blower often become clogged with dirt. You can check this by removing the panel that covers the filter to gain access to the blower or panel on the front of the furnace. We recommend you call a trained HVAC professional to clean this part of the unit.


Get Ready for the Summer!!


AC season is just around the corner! Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating and Air is equipped to handle any AC call for your needs. We sell and install new condensers. We specialize in repair too! 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Jared and Michael are our AC technicians and they are honest about what they do!
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Now is the time to service the condenser to avoid late night or weekend break downs.

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Helpful Tips For Using Your Air Conditioner- Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating and Air Inc.


  • Always keep all windows and doors, to the outside, closed.
  • Don’t cool unoccupied rooms. If you have registers, don’t close more than half of them. Restricting air flow too much can cause your unit to malfunction.
  • Do you have a ceiling fan? Set the thermostat higher – you will still be comfortable. Keep a fan on low speed when humid.
  • When you are not at home, set your thermostat at 78F, or higher. Setting the thermostat lower, cools a warm room colder, not faster, and it uses more energy.
  • Consider getting a programmable thermostat for central units, especially if you are away from home at the same times during the week. Some programmable thermostats can be controlled from your computer or smart phone.
  • Keep lamps, televisions and other electronics away from a room unit’s thermostat. The thermostat can sense their heat, which may cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary.
  • Consider calling in a professional air conditioning maintenance contractor to tune up your air conditioner before the cooling season. A tune up will maximize your comfort in the summer, help your air conditioner last longer and run better, and save on monthly energy bills.